Friday, June 5, 2009

6/5- Hangovers...
are never fun.  Mine this morning is especially brutal.  Last night was a free for all. So today, I am curling up on the couch with an "easy reader" book and waiting for 7:30 when I will go to the movie theater and see a film about a hangover that is way more funny and consequential than mine.

"The Hangover"-PLUG

Right now, on Rotten Tomatoes it's at 80-something percent.  But even if it was at 20% I would probably still see and recommend this movie for the simple fact that the cast is bad-ass.  It's got Ed Helms (from "The Daily Show" when it was in its heyday and "The Office"), Bradley Cooper (super funny/smart cute) and Justin Bartha, who, for those of you who aren't Nicholas Cage fans, played the computer geek in the "National Treasure" movies.  He is adorable and his sense of timing is pretty damn sharp, so I'm happy to see him getting more work.   Plus, the buzz on this movie is that, aside from having a deliciously pre-pubescent and raunchy sense of humor, it's a good story.  Apparently, the script and the plot are tight enough that even if it didn't have the comedy element, it would still be a good "who dunnit"/mystery.  The gist is: a groom to be and his three pals go to Vegas for a bachelor party and get wasted. Then they wake up, not remembering anything from the night before, to find their world turned upside down.  Plus, the groom has gone missing.

And if this isn't enough incentive to see it, I should mention that this movie also has the guy who, in about two weeks, will be known everywhere as the next "funniest dude".  Zach Galifianakis.  Zach has been around for a while and has done stand up, TV shows, and produced such gems as the web distributed "Between Two Ferns."  But now, he is about to blow up.  And it's about time.

If you liked that video, watch the "Between Two Ferns" with Natalie Portman. Hilarious.

And yes, believe it or not, Kanye West did authorize this as his second music video for "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and even had his director shoot it in North Carolina where Zach's from.

Finally, if you think about it today, say a prayer or reserve a thought for David Carradine ("Kill Bill", "Kung Fu") and his family.  He passed away yesterday in his hotel room in Bangkok. Details around his death are still sketchy, but I really don't want to pay attention to all that crap. The important thing to remember is that he was an amazing talent.  And he will be greatly missed.

David Carradine (December 8, 1936-June 4, 2009)


  1. God, I love Zach Galifianakis. Have you seen his work on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job? Have you seen that show? It is the best think to watch when you are drunk/stoned/need a laugh and are ready for some pomo comedy. Here is a link to his "vodka movies" from Tim and Eric:

    And Between the Ferns is genius. His comic timing is's like he invented awkward comedy!