Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lots to post on, so it's a long one today. 

Fashion Week Covet List, fashion in general, Jennifer's Body, and of course, the unsightly VMA's.

First: Jennifer's Body is getting shit reviews. This is sad because I wanted it to be good. I even pumped it on this very blog.  The movie's concept, although not original, was promising. The timing was right. 
But sometimes, bad acting and directing prevails which is purported to be the case. And, so say many, the script is kinda clunky. Not Cody's best effort.  But what does she care? Juno and United States of Tara have her financial security and indie street cred cemented for life.  

Moving on: Non Fashion Week fashion.

Just because everyone's hiding under tents in NYC trend spotting and blogging while Anna Wintour frowns doesn't mean that fashion isn't happening elsewhere in the wide, wide world. These are two of my favorite things within the last week.

One: Robin Wright Penn. I want your dress.  So badly. I will fly to Toronto and camp out on the TIFF carpet if you will just tell me who made this dress and what organs I need to donate to get it.

Two: I flick through the "Sartorialist" website every once in a while. Sometimes, there are AMAZING looks. Sometimes there is just one too many navy blue, skinny sleeved, tailored business suits for my taste.  But this. I can't explain why.  Although that Prada feather vest she's wearing would cost me a year's salary, this look is completely effortless, different, comfortable, and insanely cool.  She doesn't have to try or chase style. Her subconscious dresses for her.

I know not all of you love the above look.  I also know that some of you don't quite understand my disdain for Eva Longoria's style.  I mean, you are in the majority.  E! and virtually every celebrity fashion blog puts Longoria on their "Style Star" lists.   This sentiment, however, is seriously misguided.  Just because she's nice, and cute, and bubbly doesn't mean you have to give her fashion props when she doesn't deserve them. Because she doesn't. Eva's wardrobe portfolio reveals that she is simply a 35 year old Lauren Conrad/Hills girl.  The constant parade of princess dresses and poorly designed LBD's is the second tier celebrity and reality star uniform.  It's what you wear when you secretly know you don't have the balls to try your hand at fashion. Because fashion is a risk.  It's dangerous and from time to time you will (and should) fail.  
So Eva sticks to the formula. She dresses like Barbie. 

Strapless princess gown+glitter detailing+girly gossamer=Vomitous. 

Seriously friends.  Do you see it now? Does it finally make sense?! How can you look at Robin Wright Penn's dress next to this and think Eva has great style? Edginess > Swan Princess. 

Fashion Week Covet List:  Oh so so so many things.  Waaaayyy to many to blog about.  So I encourage all of you to go to for full carpet recaps with editorial input AND tons and tons of photos.  What do you like?  Whose collection would you sell your first-born for?

Personally, here are my three key-note collections with an example look from each line-up.

Vera Wang

Not normally a huge Vera Wang fan. But her collection this year is killing me!!! Soooo good. Every piece is stunning.


Preen's entire collection was beautiful.  I'm moving into a love affair with cool, interestingly tailored pants.  Preen delivers pants/tops/separates and also has lots of simple, easy dresses.  Simple. Easy. Effortless. This is what I'm interested in right now.

And for the dark horse: G-Star. 

Very very London street with hip hop influences. This is totally not my style. The only piece I actually like in the "I would wear that" sense is this one. But the collection as a whole really stands out from the rest of the pack. It's aggressive, tough, and punches you in the face without looking cheap or outdated. 

And lastly. Some words on the VMA's.  My devotion to Taylor Swift despite my hatred for country music has been well vocalized.  She is amazing.  Beautiful, kind, talented, and scary scary smart.  All 19 year olds should try to be as poised as Taylor.  

So, needless to say, I dislike Kanye even more than before.  Sure, he apologized on Leno.  And I actually thought he did a good job of it.  But I doubt he meant it. After all, the proof's in the pudding and Kanye always says he's sorry but never changes his behavior. Which means that deep down inside, he's fine with being an ass hole.  

Besides "the incident" the only other interesting things the VMA's gave us were Gaga (not a huge fan of her music but LOVE her artistry. she is a true performance artist and such a breath of fresh air) and the new Twilight trailer.  Much better than the first movie from the looks of it.  So, if you missed it Twi-fans, here it is.  Maybe Chris Weitz can save the Titanic from sinking.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

On Glee:

I am in love with this show.  
Follow the links at the bottom of the page and give it a watch.
We have got to keep this show on the air.

In defense of Glee:

Those of you who know me well know that I'm a cynic.  But I also like to laugh.  Being a cynic who likes to laugh means that I love sarcasm and satire...basically anything that feeds my inner Daria. Humor that is black as night is just the right shade.  A lot of people see this as depressing. I just see it as honest.  If you're completely happy with the way the world is, you are not paying attention or you are just stupid.

But from time to time, the lighter side of my soul recoils in horror at the inky blackness: "Life isn't devoid of beauty or truth!" it screams.  "Happiness is possible. Optimism is an option!"  In my younger years, I would roll my eyes at this little voice and scoff in disdain.  But as I get older, the voice makes more and more sense to me.

Which is why I am in love with "Glee."  Glee, if you aren't hip to it, is a new off-beat, screw-ball musical comedy set in a high school.  The story centers on an optimistic albeit narrow sighted high school teacher who re-instates the school's Glee club.  Of course, only the lowest of the low on the high-school food chain join Glee.  

As such, Glee is one part biting social commentary.  It doesn't overlook life's problems.  All the characters (kids and adults) come complete with their own bags of festering, stinking, life crap. But Glee deals with them in a hilariously funny tounge and cheek way.  And, most importantly, the show refuses to rest in the realm of satire.  Don't get me wrong...the satire is there. 

Example: Best line from last night's episode comes after one of the characters has been attempting to throw up in the school bathroom (she wants to be skinnier so a boy will like her). The guidance counselor sees her bending over the toilet and the following conversation ensues:

Counselor: "Were you just throwing up?"
Girl: "No"
Counselor: "You missed the toilet."
Girl: "No, the girl who was throwing up before me left that. Don't worry. I tried to do it, but I couldn't. I guess I just don't have a gag reflex."
Counselor: "One day, when you're older, that'll turn out to be a gift."

Dark, satirical, funny humor? Check.  But there is also optimism in the show.  The kids really do believe in Glee club.  Will (their teacher) really does believe in them. The musical numbers are sincere and uplifting.  Love, heart, and optimism are at the core of the show.  Glee is about having something to believe in that also makes you happy.

Rachel=my favorite

Glee is smart. It is observant. It gets the fact that life can be horrible. But it also shows that there are parts of life to be joyfully, "glee"-fully celebrated.

And isn't this balance what my soul really needs anyway? Yin and Yang. Light and dark existing in harmony. 

So.....Long live Glee!!!!!!! (aka. please please please FOX network, don't cancel this show).

Glee has only shown two episodes and both are available to watch free with no pirating penalties and in high quality from FOX's website. 

and to learn more about the show in general: Glee

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apologies for the extended absence.  

Now that I am teaching 18 year olds (they were born in 1992. 1992!!!) about the wonders of reading and writing and driving to and from the middle of bumfuck North Carolina 4x a week, posting has been a little light.  This will be remedied.

For Starters: If you haven't all ready seen it, please please check out Julia Stiles

You're welcome.  Seriously though. How amazing is she?  Colombia English major.  Kat the bad ass in "10 Things."  And she's funny.  Love her.  Want to be her friend.

Next: On Raffa (aka. Rafael Nadal).

I'm not the biggest tennis devotee.  I'll watch a marquee game from time to time and enjoy it though.  Lately, I've been watching more tennis than usual since every major network is broadcasting US Open coverage non-stop.  I like Federer, and Venus, and Novak Djokovic (have you seen his You Tube sketch where he makes fun of all his famous tennis friends?  Hysterical. And even better: Djokovic pronounced "joke-o-vich" actually means "joker" in Serbia.)

But I've never been on the Raffa wagon.  Maybe it was the icky hair; it makes him look like he belongs on the cover of a Harlequin Romance novel. See?
I also strongly suspect the white pedal pusher pants had a lot to do with it.  And the bandanas.  

Harlequin Romance Raffa

White Pants=Bad.  White Pedal Pushers=Worse.

I'm not saying he's gross looking. His face is decent.  But his body, although undoubtedly athletic, has always seemed rather feminine to me.  Soft hips (rather than angular and pointy). Rotund, full ass.  Sloping shoulders instead of the broad type most tennis players develop.  

But yesterday, something changed.  I don't know what or why.  He still has a feminine figure.  He's still wearing the bandana (the pedal pushers, thank heaven, seem to have gone into retirement and the long locks have been cut).  But I like him now.  A lot.  He won me.  I think it's his attitude.  Always calm, always poised, but intense enough to fist pump during a strongly fought point.  Also-he's hurt right now. You can tell.  But he's playing through it, and playing well.

Most impressive though: he's honest.  This guy is probably the most honest person in the sport.  I watched him over-rule the line judge and call for a replay on a point that went against him.  The judge called it in. Nadal knew it was out.  He was right and this impressed the hell out of me. David (whose been a huge fan for a long time says Nadal does this regularly).

Raffa, you didn't have me at hello, but you do now.  But be forewarned.  I'm a fickle bitch.  I reserve the right to remove my approval if you turn out to be an Andy RodDICK.

Last: Fashion Week has begun.  Get ready.  I will be watching and commenting. Stay tuned.