Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apologies for the extended absence.  

Now that I am teaching 18 year olds (they were born in 1992. 1992!!!) about the wonders of reading and writing and driving to and from the middle of bumfuck North Carolina 4x a week, posting has been a little light.  This will be remedied.

For Starters: If you haven't all ready seen it, please please check out Julia Stiles Styles.com.

You're welcome.  Seriously though. How amazing is she?  Colombia English major.  Kat the bad ass in "10 Things."  And she's funny.  Love her.  Want to be her friend.

Next: On Raffa (aka. Rafael Nadal).

I'm not the biggest tennis devotee.  I'll watch a marquee game from time to time and enjoy it though.  Lately, I've been watching more tennis than usual since every major network is broadcasting US Open coverage non-stop.  I like Federer, and Venus, and Novak Djokovic (have you seen his You Tube sketch where he makes fun of all his famous tennis friends?  Hysterical. And even better: Djokovic pronounced "joke-o-vich" actually means "joker" in Serbia.)

But I've never been on the Raffa wagon.  Maybe it was the icky hair; it makes him look like he belongs on the cover of a Harlequin Romance novel. See?
I also strongly suspect the white pedal pusher pants had a lot to do with it.  And the bandanas.  

Harlequin Romance Raffa

White Pants=Bad.  White Pedal Pushers=Worse.

I'm not saying he's gross looking. His face is decent.  But his body, although undoubtedly athletic, has always seemed rather feminine to me.  Soft hips (rather than angular and pointy). Rotund, full ass.  Sloping shoulders instead of the broad type most tennis players develop.  

But yesterday, something changed.  I don't know what or why.  He still has a feminine figure.  He's still wearing the bandana (the pedal pushers, thank heaven, seem to have gone into retirement and the long locks have been cut).  But I like him now.  A lot.  He won me.  I think it's his attitude.  Always calm, always poised, but intense enough to fist pump during a strongly fought point.  Also-he's hurt right now. You can tell.  But he's playing through it, and playing well.

Most impressive though: he's honest.  This guy is probably the most honest person in the sport.  I watched him over-rule the line judge and call for a replay on a point that went against him.  The judge called it in. Nadal knew it was out.  He was right and this impressed the hell out of me. David (whose been a huge fan for a long time says Nadal does this regularly).

Raffa, you didn't have me at hello, but you do now.  But be forewarned.  I'm a fickle bitch.  I reserve the right to remove my approval if you turn out to be an Andy RodDICK.

Last: Fashion Week has begun.  Get ready.  I will be watching and commenting. Stay tuned.


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