Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Movie Season is upon us.

Like peppermint hot chocolate, white twinkle lights, fun scarves, and lots and lots of red wine, movies are always something to look forward to this time of the year.

Because December is the beginning of Oscar Campaigning.

Sure, movie theaters will carry a few "Christmas themed" films and "A Christmas Story" runs for like 3 straight weeks on TNT.  And, don't get me wrong, those films are good.  I love me a good Christmas flick.

But even better are "THOSE" movies.  You know.  The movies that, often times, have nothing to do with Christmas at all.  Their aim is not to fill you with Yule Tide Cheer.  Their aim is to get to the Kodak theater in March and win an Academy Award.

And this year, there are lots and lots.  Like Black Swan, for example.  Natalie Portman and Co. are pushing this film HARD.  And, yes, I will see it.

But there are two other films that I am way more excited for.  And since Christmas is the time for sharing, I'll share them with you now.  The first is called "The King's Speech."
I am SOOOOO excited to see this movie.  Like, I literally cannot wait.  Because, you know, I love Colin Firth.  And, even if you don't "get" him on the attraction level, you will undoubtedly know that he is a great actor who was ROBBED last year for the Oscar. ROBBED!  Did you see "A Single Man"? He was exquisite.  But, instead, Jeff Bridges and his mumbly, achey-breaky, "Dude, what's it all about?" soul took home the Best Oscar for his performance in the horribly overrated Crazy Heart.

Hopefully, this year, the Academy will come to their senses and realize their mistake.  And beyond Colin, "The King's Speech" is in and of itself supposed to be great. Like, genuinely warm and quirky and wonderful.  It's the true story of King George IV (the current Queen of England's father) who was forced to take over the throne after his older brother abdicated.  It was War Time and King Bertie struggled with a crippling fear of public speaking and a speech impediment.  This film is based off historical accounts AND his speech therapists extensive diaries.  WATCH!

My second gift to you is less novel, and yet more dear.

You may remember from a while back that I introduced you to the movie "Blue Valentine."  You may also remember how I told you that it was completely unfairly and inexplicably given an NC-17 rating by the horrible, horrible MPAA.

Well, the critics had a shit fit.  Because "Blue Valentine" is supposed to be INCREDIBLE.  Like, almost too real and too convincing.  And this was probably the reason why the conservative ass wipes at the MPAA "banned" it in the first place.  Because, really...when you're 45 with two kids in an unfulfilling marriage, I bet it does hurt to watch a film like this one.  Hell, it'll hurt anyone at anytime.  It's a brutal, unflinching look at an amazing, wonderful, transcendental relationship that just doesn't work out. And we can all relate to that potential both within ourselves and within our relationships.

But this is EXACTLY why everyone should see it and is why the critics were so upset.   But, no one was more upset than Harvey Weinstein.  After all, it was his studio that went out on the limb for it.  And so, despite the fact the the MPAA never, never, ever overturns it's decisions, Harvey went after them with his balls and his money bags swinging and demanded an R rating.  And do you know what?!


Which means we'll be able to see it! Because theaters will carry it now that is has a "R" rating!!! You should be jumping up and doing the reindeer trot right now! Because this news is JOY JOY JOY (thanks, Doug!)

The trailer is still shit, but I like it the more I see it. And this new clip is also quite lovely. But damn. Ryan's character moves and holds his body just like David. This movie be so good but will hurt so hard.

So, these are the two Winter Time Awards Winners I want to see.  And I want to share them with you as well.  But of course, what would Christmas be without a few stocking stuffers.  Okay, okay. I'll leave you with just a few.

These two last films are ones that the studios will save for Cannes.  After all, why blow your load for the Oscars? You have to have a few saved up for the International festivals.

The first one called "Somewhere" and is Soffia Coppola's newest.  And if you know me, you know how exciting this is.  Because I LOVE her. Love her.


"The Virgin Suicides" is one of my favorite movies of ALL time. Top 5 for sure.   That scene when the boys are at that debutant party?  This, to me, is the best visual representation of what I grew up in. So haunting and so beautiful.

And this is what her new film will be built on.  And before you point it out, yeah I know. Fuckers.  I know it's starring Stephen Dorff.  And that's not a mistake.  Because he is awesome. I love Dorff the Actor.  Always have, always will.  You can try to shame me, but it won't work. I'll defend his acting skills to the end (yeah, his personal life's a different story. whatever.). Can't wait for this.

Or Terrence Malick's "Tree of Life." I haven't been able to find the trailer online, but it is supposed to be showing in front of "Black Swan."  I will update the blog as soon as I find it.  But, just so you know, Malick NEVER makes a shitty movie. Yeah, they're long and paced, but they are flawless.  Because Malick knows that you don't need an explosion every minute to make a point.

That's all for now (and probably for a while since I am about to go into Grich mode until the 20th when grades are due). But, I'll be back in time for the new year with plenty of updates!