Monday, March 14, 2011


This is soooo delayed. I apologize.  I pre-wrote this thing and then completely forgot to post it.

So here you go...old news and stale opinions.

Fresh blogging begins again Friday.

(Shakes head in shame).

Final Oscar Ballot Results

Points Possible: 34
Points Earned: 16 (with deductions)

Predictions correct (16): Animated Full; Adapted Screenplay; Original Screenplay; Best Supporting Actor; Best Original Score; Sound Mixing; Sound Editing; Costume; Documentary Feature; Visual Effects; Film Editing; Original Song; Best Director (Bitches!); Best Actress; Best Actor; Best Film

Predictions incorrect (8): Art Direction (although I put Alice in Wonderland on my NY Times contest ballot...why didn't I do it here I wonder?; Cinematography (whoa! I really thought I had that one right); Supporting Actress (knew this was risky); Animated Short; Foreign Language Film (I mean...); Makeup (yeah, yeah I should've); Documentary Short; Live Action Short

Oscar Fashion: My Highlights

Jennifer Lawrence

Jesus.  Apart from the OBVIOUS and SIGNIFICANT weight loss, she looks Amazing. Ridiculously incredible.  But...also...sorry to say....a little too much like Scarlett Johansson's red dress (and therefore unoriginal). (STOP yelling at me...I said Jennifer's GORGEOUS!!!)

(Scarlett's Golden Globes...)

Mila Kunis

Well. As gorgeous as Jennifer Lawrence looked, Mila Kunis saunters in and kicks her ass.  Holy shit.  She is sooooo hot.  I totally would.
But that's because SHE is beautiful.  But the dress...the dress like a saloon girls's day-dream. And both David and I were totally baffled trying to find her nipples (where are her nipples?! are they tucked down? covered up with lavender tape? they should be right where are her nipples?!)

Annette Benning

I mean, she can do no wrong. Look at that dress. Look at how her face is real and wrinkled and matches her neck.  And look how she is also still totally gorgeous.  You got lucky Natalie Portman.  Because if Annette was low class and a bitch and had campaigned for this award, it would have been hers.  Hands. Down.

Cate Blanchett

Eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am in love with this dress! Words. fail. me... Pretty.