Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/18-If you don't like sports, you can ignore this post. 

Because I am compelled to diverge from film and fashion for a bit.  Because for the next 4 days, my focus will be on the 2009 U.S. Open.  It started today.

And then came the rain.  Right now, the greens look more like ponds and those little squeegees they use to rake away water just aren't cutting it.  So it's delayed.  Which means that the next three days will be a cluster-fuck of overlapping tee times and sloppy, sloppy golf.  Bethpage Black is an impossible course on a good day.  But with rain, it will be like watching a mud bowl. Except there won't be 250 pound guys running a football into an enormous end-zone.  Instead, overweight 40 yr. olds will be trudging up slick grass hills and trying to put a ball the size of a cherry tomato into a hole the size of bath tub drain.  It will be oh so ugly and oh so fun to watch.

The most fun thing to watch will be Tiger.  He knew the rain was coming, but he's still pissed. And when Tiger gets angry, wonderful things happen.  

Which leads to my confession.  I am always an advocate for the underdog.  I hate Kobe Bryant. I can't stand the Yankees.  I want to strangle Steeler fans with their terrible towels.
But I love Tiger.  I simply can not cheer against him.  Ever.  In fact, I can't remember a time in the past 3 or 4 years when I have not watched him play in a major on Sunday.  

For those of you who have never watched or cared about Tiger or golf, you may be wondering if he is really worth all the hype...if he's really that good.  Think about it this way.  In the NCAA basketball tournament, 65 teams get to play for the title, but only one wins.  Any team that has more than one championship is considered bad ass.  But a school very rarely wins two championships within the same decade, let alone with the same team.  If Tiger was a NCAA basketball team, he would win the championship by himself every other year.  He's insane.

Right now, he's at +1 through the 6th hole.  But he kicked ass at the Memorial Tournament a couple weeks ago.  He's in a groove. The Vegas line is 5/2.  David is betting on Mickelson just to be contrary.  You should bet on Tiger.
He's as competitive as they come.  Like, it's kind of ridiculous how competitive he is.  Watch Scott Van Pelt's interview with him. It's scary.  

But he also has a nice side.  And he may have the best "man tears" moment in recent history. This is when he won the British Open.  His father (bff and mentor) had just died, but Tiger hadn't cried.  
He won, and then he broke down.  He just clung onto his caddy and sobbed.  Sigh.

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  1. lol...not really related...but I clicked on the wikipedia link and the first thing I read was "This article is about the golfer. For the showdog, see Tiger Woods (dog)."