Thursday, November 19, 2009

If I could look like anyone,

it would be her.  Of course, ask me this question in a month or two and the answer will be entirely different. But right now, Norah Jones is "The Most Beautiful." 

She was on Colbert the other night, and you could feel it. Colbert and pretty much everyone in the audience was breathless. She was so beautiful, so sexy, and SO SMART.  Unlike most of Colbert's guests, who seem to be searching inside their brains the entire time for something half-way witty to say in response to his questions, Norah was just present.  Her responses were thoughtful and funny, and she wasn't even trying.  She's naturally brilliant, and boy oh boy was it a BIG turn on. Colbert thought so. And I did too.

And style!  Oh, her style. Love.

Accessible, but entirely her own.  Norah=my new lady crush.

To film: 

It's been a weird week.  Ladies, you know what I mean.  It's been one of those weeks where you start crying at Mastercard commercials but laugh inappropriately during "Damages."

So this may be coloring my view of things just a bit, but I kind of can't wait for "The Road." Have you seen the trailer? Yep, the tears come around the 1:30 mark.  Brutal. 

I started reading the book today (because I need to read it anyway) and because I need to find out if I can handle the movie.  See, I don't handle visual violence very well, so I may not be able to sit through a screening of "The Road."  Apparently, they have taken out the most disturbing parts of the book, and Viggo Mortensen (for me) can cover all manner of sins, but it's still going to be bleak. BLEAK.

Which is strange because Cormac McCarthy isn't what I picture when I think of a dark, violent writer.  Quite the opposite.  Almost like a cowboy.  Have you seen his Oprah Interview?  He's an odd one, but not at all threatening.

And speaking of Oprah,

really?  Really?  What will 40 year old women do?!  How will they learn about the porn industry, find out if their husband may be cheating, and get decorating tips?  Tyra sure as hell won't do it, because, you know, her show is only about her.  At least Joel McHale will have plenty to talk about on the Soup once TYRAnnosaurus Banks takes over the air waves.  Unless he quits too.



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