Friday, May 29, 2009

5/29- Will you watch them this Sunday?

Because for the first time ever, I might actually sit down and watch the MTV Movie Awards.  And it's not because Twilight will win everything or because Heath Ledger will get another posthumous award or because there will be a plethora of truly horrendous fashion disasters.  I will watch because Andy Samberg is hosting.  If you haven't seen the promos he's been doing for them, check out the link below.  They are hysterical.  One of these promos aired in the movie theater before Star Trek.  Both of my parents laughed like little girls. Samberg is that good.

Word is, he's calling in all the favors he can.  Which means...dare I hope...that Justin Timberlake will show up?  If this goes well, I vote Andy for the Oscars.

In related news, Twilight fans everywhere pissed themselves yesterday because Sparklefuck was snapped shirtless, making out with Kristin Stewart (for the movie, of course).  

Fangirls...I really, really hate to say this, but I think he got a little help from the makeup department.  You can tell he's been working out, but that definition isn't all him.  Sorry.

And lastly...this weekends "PLUG/UN-PLUG"


Via. Sleight, the people at Cannes were totally losing their shit over this movie.  As in crying within the first five minutes because it is so beautiful (unlike the crying/vomitting that was induced by "Antichrist"...more on that another day).  "UP" looks to be another Pixar gem.  The animation is spectacular, the script is touching and funny, and it's getting great reviews.  And it's in 3D. Check it out and have a great weekend...looks like it will be perfect G & T weather here in NC.

Love to you all.

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