Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not a Post-Just a Note.

After talking with "scribbles" the other day, I realized how much I love the comments section!  Reading your comments is like hearing your voices in my head.  It makes me so, so happy.  So, from here on out, I want to promote/push for "comment conversations."  Agree, disagree, add to, subtract from my/other reader's words! I love hearing your p.o.v.'s!!!  Pretty much everyone who's a member of this blog either is, was, or is emotionally bound to an English major, so I know that all of you like to write and have strong opinions.  Let's hear 'em!
Rules: Be opinionated but nice. Snarky, playful in-fighting is encouraged.  You can insult any celebrity or piece of art you want, but you can NOT insult anyone on the blog.
Also...anonymity being the precious thing it is...I (and everyone else) will refer to fellow readers by their chosen "handle" unless they identify themselves or its obvious who they are.


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