Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before I continue...I want to take a moment and remind you all to give to those in Haiti who are in desperate need of any and all forms of support.  I know a lot of us are "poor" grad. students, but we have NO clue what it means to do without.  So, let's all take that money we would've spent on a restaurant dinner tonight or that new pair of shoes and give to Oxfam, UNICEF, The American Red Cross, Doctor's Without Border's, Samaritan's Purse, or some other nationally legitimized charity organization.  You CAN help!

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming:

I know the Golden Globes are Sunday and another blog entry will follow re-capping best winner/loser moments and, of course, fashion!

But, I refuse to do GG predictions because the Hollywood Foreign Press is to much of an incestuous, ass-kissing, political, backstabbing organization to know what will happen.  I mean, the very FACT that Courtney Cox is nominated for "Best Actress" in a TV series, when NO ONE watches "Cougar Land" (or whatever her dumb-ass show is), should tell you that there are mechanism at work within the Golden Globes that have NO-thing to do with artistic integrity.  

So instead, I will give you a different kind of prediction.  And that is that Diane Kruger will KILL it on the carpet.   Seriously, I have been watching her for a while, and her style is FLAWLESS! I love her sooooo much.  She can dress AND accessorize.  You can tell that she loves clothes, but she's not a desperate dresser.  She wears what she wants to, when she wants to, for herself.  Love.

Here's a 20009 (yep these are all from this past year) Kruger retrospective.

Cute and Flouncy 

Cap. Sleeve.

Hipster Dream

Fresh and Healthy and So Sexy

What happens when a risk totally pays off

And this is how you make sure lace doesn't look old or like you're getting married

Hot. Pants.

Nude is hard. Except for her.

At the Met.


Gem One.

And you'll all remember how I gushed over this Gem Two a while back.

How to dress for an outdoor Vogue luncheon.

Getting off an overnight flight to Berlin

Looking Fabulous even while running errands!

How to wear something totally similar, but completely different (and please notice, she is not wearing any makeup...ridiculous.)

All hail the carpet Queen!!!! This bitch can DRESS! I love every single thing. Seriously, if you look at Diane and STILL think Eva Longoria is "sooooo cute and stylish!"...we can't be friends anymore.

What happens when Eva tries to be edgy?  A "It's just our kookie Granny" dress with frumpy, Christmas bobble sleeves and even frumpier shoes, a pompadour and, yes, if you could see the up-close...she is indeed wearing white eyeshadow.

What happens when Eva tries to do sparkles too?  An aluminum foil wrap around. And when your worried something may can always compensate with the breasts (Oh, in this case, she knew. Trust.)

And these are all recent photos.  Fail, fail, and fail.

So, while Diane is currently the ruling Queen on my style chart and I continue to mercilessly slay Eva, Zoe Saldana is definitely a Princess in training.  This is a girl who loves to dress UP.  Really, she is the kind of girl who loves being a girl and going to the 9's.  While Kruger is a little more "easy elegance,"  Zoe is all about the drama!

A lesson in how to do "shine."

Even better.

That's all the fashion I can take for today. But keep your eyes peeled for Golden Globes favorites.  And make sure you watch the actual red carpet or look at internet fashion re-caps. Because watching the Dumbasses on the E! Fahion Police Special (our girl Eva and the even more fashionally challenged Kardashian broad will be hosting...I know, poor taste wins again) try to act like they "get it" and fawn over anything pale pink or one shouldered (because that's, like, sooo edgy) will make you want to tear your eyes out.

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