Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have a chronic illness called Laziness.

Looking at the archives for this blog, I see that I only posted four entries for the entire month of July.  No amount of birthdays or vacations can excuse my lack of writing.  So, I'm turning over a new leaf and will be posting more in August.  And (as always) if you don't want to read, just hit "Delete."

First Up:
I have talked to a couple of you about this, so I will be brief.  You MUST watch True Blood.  It is THE best show on t.v. that you aren't watching.  It's in its second season now, but the DVD's of Season One hit the shelves recently, which means that (combine with the "internet pirating" option) you have no excuse not to get hip to this show.

Where Twilight fails to serve the Vampire mythos, True Blood delivers.  It is smart, sexy, and totally tounge-in-cheek.  While Bella and Edward stare into each others eyes in a daze of melodramatic abstinence, True Blood is full of campy characters, self reflexive humor, and psycho-sexual exploration.  For example: Lafayette

Lafayette is my favorite character on the show.  He is a black, gay, male, short order cook working in a bar in Southern Louisiana. He also works second jobs as a prostitute, drug dealer, and operator of an internet porn site.  His clientele are mostly comprised of Senators and local and state government officials.  He is by far the best thing on TV.  Don't believe me? Watch.  "Tip yo waitress." Priceless.

Next: I've also noticed that the blog has been film heavy and fashion light.  This too must be remedied.  I'll start by taking baby steps.  This one combines fashion and film.

It's the soon to be shown documentary called "The September Issue" and details the life of Editor in Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour.

Anna, her bob, her bitch-face, on the floor

For those of you unfamiliar with fashion journalism, September is the more important of the two months when "Fashion Week" takes place.  Fashion Week is where all the big designers showcase their lines for the next season, and, as such, fashion magazines look to cover all the bases and showcases the "new trends in fashion."  Vogue does this by publishing a thick-as-a-brick September issue (its usually 800+ pages).  The documentary picks this "high stress" time frame to follow and document Anna in her professional and personal life.

If you're paying attention, you'll remember that Anna Wintour was the model for the evil boss in the book/movie "The Devil Wears Prada."  Wintour is notorious for being an ice queen and has such great nicknames as "Nuclear Wintour" and the "Wintour of our discontent."  I am curious to see if this film has Anna coming out smelling like a misunderstood rose, or if we will get to see her Cruella De Ville-ness is its full glory.  Please, please hope for the latter.

And for a closer/quick fashion hit:

The WORST of the worst this week.  This is how to NOT wear pants. Terrible.  Awful.  Kim Kardashian should never be allowed near harem pants again.  And that top?  What was she thinking?!

This does not mean that you should never try pants or even rolled pants.  They can be done right.  Unfortunately for Kim, this takes style and poise, both of which she lacks.  But which Penelope Cruz has in spades.  See Exhibit B aka. my FAVORITE thing this week. This is perfect(!) execution. Monochrome suits are hard. Red on the red carpet is hard.  Penelope does both right.  

Do you see the difference?  And no, it's not because P is thinner.  They are both short ladies. They both have huge breasts.  P just knows how to dress: tailored and for her body.  Kim, you should be taking notes.  And firing your stylist.

'Till next time.


  1. Oh Leanne. I love that as hopelessly unfashionable as I am, your blog still makes me smile. :) Thank you for posting, pretty lady.

  2. Dear Mistress of Snark,

    I have seen a sneak preview of /Julie & Julia/. Meryl is whimsical and Amy is relatable. Nora needs some help. I suspect your snark will pop out like tomatoes on the vine. And I can't wait for a taste.