Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17- As of now, filmfashionsnark is officially an open blog.

I say "for now" because at any point, I am reserving the right to pull it from the open blogosphere and retreat with my small base of "original" readers into the safety of obscurity and anonymity.  

If you are reading this blog for the first time, welcome and here are my rules.  You can comment to your heart's content. I'm snarky as all get out, so you can be too.  But you must be nice to other readers/commenters.  And although this blog is not especially prudish in it's content, I still have "taste" lines and if you cross them with super gross posts, I will delete them.  This isn't Perez Hilton.

With that said...

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning...I know you've been missing her. But fear not. Eva is back and worse than ever! 

Eva fail # 173983.

It's been a while, and time had not healed Eva's fashion wounds.  Bitch still can't dress.
This is the best example of how NOT to do a LBD. Doesn't fit well. The material is puckering all over the place. Ugly "ripped silk" detailing. Horrible Length. And BORING. Seriously snooze inducing. This makes dresses from the GAP look exciting.  

To film:

I'm sure most of you, if you do venture out to the theater this weekend will be lured, into seeing Brad Pitt and Tarantino's terrible new film "Inglorious Basterds."  While I have already given my opinion on this (UN-PLUG), I still can't stop you from seeing it. You are completely within your constitutional rights to waste your money on whatever crap you choose. But, I can plug another movie that has war and blood, and is actually good.

"The Hurt Locker"-PLUG

It's not showing everywhere yet, because people are stupid.  But, if you live in or around a college town or city, you should be able to find it at a local independent or student cinema.  The reviews for this movie are ridiculous.  It's been holding steady at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes for a few weeks now, and "TIME" magazine went so far as to dub it "a near perfect movie."  It's an action film about an Army bomb squad serving in Iraq.  From what I've read, this film is the best portrayal of the Iraq War in general, and more specifically, is the best treatment of the problems surrounding modern warfare (which is based, more and more, in guerilla warfare).  

On the lighter side:

"Post Grad" will be playing soon.  

No, it probably won't be that great of a movie, and it's definitely not for everyone.  But, it does have Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights (big crush. sooooo hott. looks a lot like David. acts like him too.) and Rory Gilmore.  It's about an over-educated, under-employed twenty-something stuck in a life rut after graduation.  This hits very (almost too) close to home.

Short post today, I know.  But more coming soon, including new summer reads and my Fashion Week covet list.


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  1. you should also plug "the time-traveler's wife". it was amazing, and yes, i required tissues.