Monday, January 17, 2011


Hysterical.  It's our favorite game.  Here is Eva Longoria at Sunday's Golden Globes in, guessed it...another fish tail dress.

This Golden Globes was full of truly horrendous fashion.  And Eva and her weird/vampire/fish tail hyrbid is just the let's go!

Lea Michele

In the words of Bridget Jones: "Oh. Holy. Jesus."  I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.  I don't even have room to be embarrassed for her. Only room for laughter and joy.

Julianne Moore

And then Julianne comes along and picks up the scraps from Lea Michele's dress and hand sows them together.

Olivia Wilde

That face says it all. She knows she made a horrible mistake. She let the stylist and herself get more and more giggly and squeal-y as the dresses got bigger and bigger, and so she totally lost sight of what Coco Chanel taught us: Edit, ladies. Edit.

Julia Stiles

She should have stuck with Julia Stiles Styles Shants because I am in awe that black can look this heavy (and mind you, she is a skinny, skinny girl).

Emma Stone

You know its bad when your face is more orange than the dress.

Jennifer Lopez

Apparently, American Idol doesn't pay as much as we thought it did.

Megan Fox

Maybe it's because she's wearing it, but this dress looks as cut up as her face.

Michelle Williams

Michelle, if you pull this kind of a stunt again, I can't vote for you to win that Oscar.  I know that you are one of the truly nice ones in Hollywood though, so this time I'll cringe and overlook it.  But, next a friend.

Halle Berry

I guess if you're a single mom with infinite wealth and resources at your disposal, you are still so busy you're bound to leave the house with half your dress missing.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I thought she was invited by mistake and now that I'm seeing this dress, I'm sure of it.

Christina Hendricks

Your body is so hot and amazing.  But, listen.  Us girls with tits...they are our natural chest accessories.  You don't need additional ornaments.

All in all, fashion at the 2011 Globes was bad or weak. Because besides these, there are many, many that I'm not posting simply because they were BORING.  We've seen it again and again and again and again. Pale Pink. Column dress. A few sparkles. Ugh. (And I'm also looking at you Miss Kunis).

In fact, there were only a couple I really loved:

Leighton Meester

Yep. Those are long, blouse-y sleeves.  And she is totally rocking it. Do you know how hard that shit is to pull off?  Well, she did it.  And knows it too. Look at that smug face. 

Hailee Steinfeld

She is 14 and new to Hollywood.  And yet, she doesn't look like she's prematurely 35 or straight out of a "Toddlers and Tiaras" competition.  Hailee, please thank your mother for me. 

Kyra Sedgewick

This dress is so well cut and so well made.  But more than that, it is her. This dress suits the woman wearing it.

Angelina Jolie

I love green.  I love her in green.  Go ahead, say it.  She looks like the main character in "Wicked." Whatever, You're just jealous.

Lastly, I have one "undecided:"

January Jones

I don't know if it's "Fifth Element Ugly" or truly unique and eye changing.  Maybe it's just that it fits so well on her.  But that red is so obnoxious. Maybe I would love it more if it was Navy.  Yes, that's it.  It needs to be Navy.


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