Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's been two years...

Since I, in a time of emotional and creative crisis (also known as writing an MA Thesis), decided to funnel all my spite, vitriol, shallowness, materialism, and general evilness into a blog.

And I loved it.

But, of course, season come and go, and something about the sun setting, and oh the places you'll go, etc., etc., which are just fancy ways of me saying that it is time to bring the blog to a close.

So. Without further sentimentality...Here it is. The very last FFS entry. 

I thought long and hard about what I should do as a wrap up, and, in the end, all I could come up with was a list, one part retrospective, one part commencement-like send off...it's the things I/we/you have learned from two years of snarking.

Things FFS Has Taught Us

~Clothes are fun...to dream about having.

~You will never be skinny like a celebrity, and so will enjoy being alive.

~You never want me in your Oscar Ballot pool. I will destroy you.  DESTROY YOU.

 ~There are *no good screenwriters left in Hollywood.  (*very very few).

~Diane Kruger dresses better than you.

~Cate Blanchette dresses better than Diane Kruger.

~Ricky Gervais is better than everyone.

~"Re-make" is code for "Americans are lazy ass h-les."

~It would be embarrassing to be friends with Lea Michele.

~You are not too good for UK Skins.

~Orange on a red carpet causes neural pathways to short circuit.

~MTV is totally irrelevant.

~A Twilight fan scorned is to be even more greatly feared than a Scientologist. 

~Sometimes, years of heroine abuse can actually you more attractive (Robert Downey Jr.).

~What the f-ck is a Justin Bieber and why is he always sick?

~'Cannes' is pronounced like you think it isn't.

~Hoes gon' be hoes, so I couldn't blame Tammy.

~Film, Fashion, and Snark are my fun, and Books, The Boy, and Writing are my happiness.

~And finally. Eva Longoria does not have bad taste. She's part mermaid.

Seriously, I love you all very much.  Thank-you so much for reading and caring!  It's been a blast!




  1. No no no. Will there be more snark? In some other form? Leannnnnnnneeeeeee!

  2. This makes me soooo sad!!!! But where will I find my next book recommendations?

  3. Just because you have like 1 million papers to grade does not mean that I should be deprived of my snark.