Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alright. Fine.
I can't put this off anymore.  It's Wednesday aka. T-minus 4 days 'til the Oscars.
Again, these are my predictions with Lock/Lean point values assigned (2pts. for Lock/1pt. for Lean).  And, yes, I am voting a winner in every category (unlike Slate magazine and their weak ass "you don't have to pick a category if you don't want to" rule).  And yeah, I may crash and burn (there are some risky picks here)... but go hard or don't go at all.
Best Actor:  Colin Firth (2 pts.)

Best Actress:  Natalie Portman (1pt.) *Benning could surprise everyone. Also, she sits on the nominations board which means she's got a lot of friends in high places.
Supporting Actor:  Christian Bale (2 pts.)

Supporting Actress:  Helena Bonham-Carter (1 pt.) *This is so risky; I can not believe I'm putting her instead of Melissa Leo.
Original Screenplay:  The King's Speech (2 pts.)
Adapted Screenplay:  The Social Network  (2pts.)
Documentary:  Inside Job (1 pt.)
Documentary (Short):  Killing in the Name (1 pt.)
Animated Film:  Toy Story 3 (2 pts.)

Animated (Short): Day and Night (1 pt.)
Live Action (Short):  Na Wewe (1 pt.)
Foreign Language Film: Biutiful (1 pt.)
Cinematography:  True Grit (2 pts.)

Costume Design:  Alice in Wonderland (1 pt.)
Art Direction:  Inception (1 pt.)
Makeup:  Barney's Version (1 pt.)
Original Score: The Social Network (2 pts.)
Original Song:  Toy Story 3 (1 pt.)
Sound Mixing:  Inception (1 pt.) * True Grit may actually win this one. My gut tells me Inception won't take both of the Sound awards, but it's the "smart" bet.
Sound Editing:  Inception (1 pt.)
Visual Effects:  Inception (2 pts.)

Film Editing:  The Social Network (2 pts.)
Director:  Tom Hooper (1 pt.)  *This was literally the hardest one to choose. So, if Fincher wins, you are not allowed to crawl up my ass.
Best Picture:  The King's Speech (2 pts.)
Total Number of "Locks": 10
Total Number of "Leans": 14
Total Points Possible: 34
Total Points: TBD (Remember, points are DEDUCTED if the category is "lost").
Good luck on your brackets! (Red Carpet rundown will happen next week).

As a parting gift, I'm ending today with a movie that will certainly NOT be up for any awards next year.  But, I have a feeling that "Bad Teacher" may be one of my favorites of 2011.  Because it's relatable to those of us women who are sarcastic, vulgar, and un-idealistic.  I mean, I swear, there are days when I think that if my students were any dumber, I'd have to water them.

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  1. I rarely ever comment on my own posts unless its to gab with a reader/friend, but, since it's T-Minus 3 hours till showtime, I thought i would go ahead and give a last minute heads up. If you are still working on that ballot, or are on your way to an Oscar party and need to fill one out, you may want to go with Hailee Steinfeld for Supporting Actress. I'm leaving mine as it since changing after posting feels like cheating. But, in the last few hours....there has been buzzzzzzzzz......