Friday, November 19, 2010

There's not much I can really say,

except that Harry Potter is JOY.

Sooooo much joy.  And, the movies are joy as well.  But they are coming to a close.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is in theaters today.  After this, there's one more installment.  And then....done.  I know. I'm trying to stave off my grief.  Because while we will still always have the books and the DVD's, the release of Harry Potter is always an EVENT.  And the people who participate in these events are all about Love.

Have you ever been to an opening weekend screening?  If you have, then you'll know.  It is a MOOD.  Everyone in the theater is radiating it.  For 2+ hours, it's you and 300 friends laughing together and even crying together.  So much positive energy in one place is always good for the soul.

And if you don't like Harry Potter? Well then, in the words of Lauren Maloney,  "you obviously don't like fun."

And the seventh book (at least the first half) contains so much fun.  But sadness too.  Personally, I can't wait to see how they handle the scene with Bathilda.  Because, on the page, when you read that scene, it rivals Stephen King.   Sooooo gross and creepy.   I hope they keep it that way.  I hope they let it be terrifying.  (And parents, if that scene does bother you, you shouldn't be letting your kids read HP  anyway).

Also, I can't wait to see Malfoy Manor.   And that's because of my undying love for Draco.

See, it's easy to love Snape.  I love him.  So does everyone.  Because he's just so damn interesting.  But this is where I get defensive.  Because so is Draco.  Yes, he's a coward and a bully.  But he's also one of the most clever and subtle foils in children's literature.

 Did you see The Half Blood Prince?  Because David Yates nailed it.  Throughout the film, he was so careful to make every visual representation of Draco the diametric opposite of Harry.  That scene where he stands outside the Room of Requirement and looks at the two birds in the cage, one black, the other white?  And he selects the white one to sacrifice first?  Brilliant.   And then that scene with Snape in the hallway where he screams, "Voldemort CHOSE me! I HAVE to do it (kill Dumbledore). I'm the chosen one!" while Harry, also called The Chosen One, leans against the opposite side of the wall?

Or, when he almost kills Katie Bell and breaks down in the bathroom, realizing what he's almost done and still has to do, and then looks up, and in addition to seeing his reflection in the mirror also sees Harry standing behind him, dressed in black?

 So. Good.

And, if you know how the book ends, you also realize how smart David Yates was to set this up clearly and visually in the Sixth Film.  Because, in a very huge and significant way, it is Harry's relationship with Draco that makes it possible for him to kill Voldemort (and if you are still having a hard time connecting the dots...I have two words for you: Elder Wand).

Plus, Tom Felton grew up hotter than expected.  And also became a great actor.

How about you? What are you looking forward to seeing represented in the film most?  And who is your favorite HP character (or HP baddie)?


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  1. Oh yes definitely!! It IS so easy to just love Snape but Draco and his struggle and depth and the way it is portrayed in the film is beyond brilliant. The contrast between Harry and Draco, I feel has always mirrored the point that Dumbledore and Sirius made about the choices one must make because they are in many ways similar! As for the wand, yes!!!! So very on point!!!