Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Okay folks!

I'm in a great mood. GASP!  Rare, I know.

But how can I not be.  The wizards at just re-formatted the administrative and editing pages, and they are soooo much better.  AND! NY and London Fashion weeks came and are coming to a close, leaving us with lots of pretty pretty clothes to lose our shit over.  Wheeee!


Here's what the critics are saying about NY Fashion Week/Spring 2011 (and yes, I know. It seems bizarre that we are supposed to want Summer clothes for next year right now...what can I say, fashion moves fast):

The trends: Minimalism, Neutrals, and the 70's.

Critical Darlings and Favorites: Joseph Altuzarra, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan (yeah).

Joseph was leading the ooo's and ahhhh's for there minimalist/neutral bit.  


And Marc Jacob's stole the show with his whole 70's/Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver kitsch.

But...I dunno.  Maybe Marc Jacobs Spring collection just isn't for me. And, to be honest, if you are into the whole 70's look, I think that Giles is doing it better over in London (it's fashion week there right now).

My favorites:

As always, my initial disclaimer: You should look at all the collections to see for yourself what you love (and hate).  I have a certain and specific clothing aesthetic and it may not (probably isn't) yours.  I'm uber-girly. I like dresses.  I also have tits and an ass that I (unlike Blake Lively) am constantly trying to contain.  Them's my dressing rules.  I do constantly try to break away from them, but there's a default at work.  Sorry. Deal with it.

Or you can just thank me.

Because my love for pretty princess clothes brings me to my first LOVE of Fashion Week which I will now share with you: Vera Wang.

Vera Wang!

Oh. Holy. Jesus.  These clothes are incredible.  Do you see that draping? Do you see it?!
I don't know what she sold or who she sold it to, but Vera must have made a deal with someone, because her clothes have been steady awesome for the last few seasons.


And look! It's a rope belt!
Rope belt's are back bitches!!


Love it! Also love that they ditched the proper runway.


And the winner so far for me from London:


Whew!  Fashion is exhausting.  Especially when I realize that it will be months before Spring. Which also means it will be months before I can start looking for cheap knock-offs of all these trends.

But one trend I can start embracing and following right now is the uber femme 1950's look that Prada and Louis Vuitton created for THIS Fall.  Using "Mad Men" as inspiration, they cast "fat" girl models and put them in clothes that celebrated, rather than covered up their curves.  So, maybe this Fall, it's time for me to put my "stealth boob" antics to rest.  Maybe I'll bring the girls out for some fresh October air.  What do you say, ladies?

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