Friday, August 6, 2010

Two posts in a week...

Has to be a record for me. But, in a way, it's making up for lost time. Looking at the archives, monthly blogging has been light as of late.

It's also been remiss in its fashion output.

So here's what I've been thinking sartorially about lately.

The 90's

If you are an avid Vogue or fashion blog reader, you'll remember that moment about 2 years ago where flannel and acid wash made a brief reappearance only to be overshadowed by the re-re-re-emergence of 80's influenced/Proenza Schouler type clothing.

But damn. For a minute there, things could have gotten really interesting.

Maybe it's just this summer and where I'm at and what I've been watching. Because the re-runs of Daria, My So Called Life, Clueless, etc. have made me long for the return of 90's influenced style.

Midwaist jeans, the chunk-stack heel (Candie's anyone?!!), and floral print dresses (and yes, even flared leg light wash denim).

I am light wash's biggest fan.

Can you imagine the way these things could be incorporated now? A dash of Seattle grunge? Combat boots and mini-skirts? Even, dare we(?) hemp necklaces incorporated with more modern elements? Yes!

In my humble opinion, it's time for the 1960's/70's Annie Hall gamine look to be filed away for later use. I'm tired of the Williamsburg American Apparel "Vintage" Queen. Call me sentimental, but I'm ready to pair my high waisted shorts with a baby doll graphic T.

Which leads to my final thought of the day. Fashion is in a transition period. It's so fluid and un-fixed right now that practically anything goes. So....what do YOU think should go?
In other words, where is fashion headed? And, should it be headed there?


Remember 90's movies/TV?

And the music?!!!


  1. I am SO on this page and this post makes me really happy. The perfect embodiment of all of this, of course, is "Reality Bites" (which I re-watch on a weekly basis.) I can't wait to put on more floral tomorrow with my black tights and big black boots! I think I'm stuck in time...

  2. OMG. Daria is my favorite show EEEVVEEERRRR!!!!!!!!!
    and 10 Things I hate about you ... ahh heath.

  3. PS that was from Mrs. Yambor and I want to know where the heck the Daria is on TV... bc I have 2 illegally downloaded episodes and no more. And I LOVE that show.

    PS I am waiting for the Doc Marten "trend" to come back so i can wear mine and not look like a total idiot.

  4. Daria re-runs sometimes on that Nickelodean/cable access/subsidiary channel called "The N." But, if you really want some Daria, I've got better's ON DVD!!!! All of it! Every single episode in one box set. And it is heaven.

    You can buy it at Barnes and Noble for sure (I've seen it there). But you can also put it in your Netflix queue.

    And re: Doc wore mine the other day. I got a few weird looks...but it was still fun. Sweaty though. I may not pull them out til it gets cooler outside. My feet were like little hot cakes.