Monday, July 26, 2010

**This entry does NOT contain spoilers. Don't worry.

Inception was


Seriously. How much fun was that movie?! If you haven't seen it yet, you are obviously lazy or anti-fun. Plus, you are running the risk of becoming a social outcast.

Because, in the past week, everyone (And I mean this literally) has been talking about Inception. Every time David and I have been out to eat, someone at a table near us is talking about Inception. EVERYONE in the blogosphere is ranting, raving, fuming, or hypothesizing about this film. It is the "water-cooler" head-liner far and wide.

So, does Inception deserve this response?

My answer: YES.

Because it IS a great movie. Is it a perfect movie? No. Is it totally infuriating? Yes. Because, I don't think you can definitively pin it down with one viewing. I am going to go see it again soon, but after watching it and thinking about it and debating it with everyone I know, I'm still not sure what to make of it. But there's something funny about that ending (and I'm talking about BEFORE the final frame). It's weird. It feels rushed. And there's that whole issue of everyone looking at Dom (and, yes, I do think all of these things are intentional). The point is... as a whole, Inception is well done. It's visually stimulating. The music is good. The dialogue is snappy. And the story!.......

Let me stop you right there snarkers. No. Seriously. This is for those of you who have been backlashing the movie. You need to shut it. Because I get your game, you pretentious fucks. You get sold a movie that promises to be "intellectual" and "truly original" and your gut response is to be "more intellectual" than it is and start slagging on it, calling it " totally un-original." This is not a hard game to play. It's also not a hard game to recognize.

So save your bullshit comments about how the movie is "just like Total Recall or Memento" or whatever other movie you decide to pull out as a point of comparison. Of course Inception's not totally original. That's the point of the fucking movie you retards. There is no such thing as an "originally" conceived idea. All creativity is borrowed. That's why Inception is what it is (both in the movie and the movie itself).

And, as a person who tries to write, believe me when I say, if you spend 8 YEARS working on an idea, you WILL have thought about all the shit that comes with creating something. Because Nolan is a good writer. And he gets it. He would not have pissed away 8 years without thinking about all the problems inherent in his plot, his characters, his work. But, at some point, you have to make the best decisions you can and move on. And 8 years is long enough.

I (and other people) should NOT have to defend this movie. Because really...what more do you want? What summer blockbuster would you prefer? Do you want to see High School Dance Party 18? Or, on the flip side, do you really want to eat a bucket of popcorn and Jr. Mints while watching Antichrist? Inception is smart and it's also fun. But I do worry. Because a year from now, I fear pop culture will have pissed all over one of the good ones.

One of the movie writers over at Gawker said it best,

"I'm allowed to like Inception, right? This isn't one of those movies...where I'll get shot in the face for saying I like it? [Plus] who can forget Joseph Gordon Levitt's zero-gravity sex scene? It was a sex scene, right? Or was that just a dream I had. I can't tell! Oh my god..."

True. That. Because in addition to Inception being great as a whole, it has resurrected my passion for my childhood crush.

Claudia Schiffer and Jospeh Gordon-Levitt. There. Everybody wins.

Confession: When I was little, I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 3rd Rock From the Sun. So cute. But then, he got stuck at 18. For most of his twenties, he still looked like a high-schooler. But, oh....not anymore. He is grown up. And he is SO hot.

I mean, have you seen Brick?

You haven't? Not surprising. But also not acceptable.

Brick is amazing. And he is so good looking in it. But you should also just watch Brick because it's good. It was a HUGE hit at Sundance a few years ago. And, thankfully, the buzz from the indie community made it a financial success. So much so that even though Brick was writer/director Rain Johnson's first movie...he has been given a green-light for his new film which is currently being shot. Brick is a great, tense, genre-bending movie (crush not required).

You know what else you should also watch?

Winter's Bone

Thanks whoever made this film for bringing back the Southern Gothic. Such such such an elegant movie...about the most un-elegant subject matter. And...OMG...where did this actress come from. Because Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the main character, is soooo good. Incredible, incredible performance.

Winter's Bone is playing now at the Chelsea. See it now before it leaves. And Brick is streaming now on Netflix. Download it.

PS. Here's my final come to Jesus for all you girls/guys looking for a new Movie Star this New York Times Screen Test

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  1. I totally agree!!! I cried like 5 times. And am in love with JGL.