Friday, February 19, 2010

This post is a few days behind the times.

And when dealing with the world of fashion, the term "behind the times" is totally damning.
So, my apologies to all of you AND to the sartorial gods, who I am sure will choose to punish me by making me suffer from several random days of personal dressing disasters. I humbly await your wrath.

To start, here's the usual disclaimer: NY Fashion Week (especially Fall R-T-W) is simply too big for me to totally cover. So, below you will find a blend of what was "loved" in general by the critics and what was loved by me (and these two categories don't always overlap). But, I recommend checking out the collections for yourself. As always, the Vogue powered has the most exhaustive database for you to flick through.

First Up: Critic's Choice Award's


Everyone loved Rodarte, me included. In fact, it's probably my favorite. I know that we are all aching for Summer and so it's hard to envision what you're going to want to wear next Fall, but I guarantee you these pieces will stay in your mind until then. The blend of late Victorian draping/print with Native American inspired detail is...well...inspired.

Marc Jacobs

Par usual, everyone is talking about Marc Jacobs. He always seems to have the most write ups and the most celebrities sitting front row at his shows. But...I dunno. I don't love it. I mean, I get what he was going for. The sort of "buttoned-up" Americana. The "re-imagined" Judy Garland/dust-bowl era/Recession-chic woman. But still. Put some fun in it (because I don't feel any life here). I mean, who says Recession Fashion has to be boring? But maybe that's just me. After all, I still prefer my Marc Jacobs pre-rehab.


If you listened to me when I told you to go see the "The September Issue," this would make total sense. Because like Porenza Schuler a couple years ago, Thakoon is the newest designer to find himself living inside Anna Wintour's fur coat pocket. She loves him. LOVES him. And now, naturally, so does everyone else. Because what Anna says, goes. And true: It's not a bad collection. Really, it's not. But, That yellow dress down below was THE ONLY color in the entire show. Which leads me to my next point. "Drab palettes" were the trend at NY Fashion Week. Which is why you respond to the yellow dress. It's such a breath of fresh air. Too bad there aren't enough of them. Sorry to say it NY Fashion week...but.... FOR THE LOVE OF APHRODITE, WILL SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME F*CKING COLOR?!

Things I really liked:

Vera Wang

This makes two strong collections in a row for Vera. And thank heaven for it. After going through that androgynous, futuristic, somber phase that lasted about three years, Vera has found her pretty again.

Sophie Theallet

Finally. Someone found where all the other designers has stashed away their Color. And that someone is up and coming designer Sophie Theallet. No, Sophie doesn't make clothes that are "high" theatrical fashion or that hint towards haute-coutre. She makes clothes that are simple, wearable, and more importantly, that women would want to wear. Maybe because she's the new kid on the block, she doesn't feel the need to follow color trends. Or maybe she just realizes that not every morning a girl want to get up and put on black. Either way, I'm grateful.


If Sophie Theallet found where the designer's stashed their crayons, then G-Star borrowed them AND ALSO found where they stashed their FUN. G-Star was the dark horse/"why are you here?" fashion house last spring. But, in my opinion, they are a dark horse no longer. This brand is legit.

And last but not least, here are some quick hits to end with. You can click on this link and see that people are also talking about:

Should have come with the tag-line: "Mad Men" Inspired

Derek Lam
Very, very wearable.

A long, pretty parade of Oscar red-carpet dresses

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